We believe in screen-agnostic audience targeting. 
We help our clients target voters across all four screens – at home while watching television, at work on their computer, traveling with their tablet, or out and about on their mobile device. Using our authoritative data and digital targeting platform, we enable messaging at home and away, helping put the right idea in front of the right person at the right time on the right device.


Audience Targeting

We believe in screen-agnostic audience targeting. Our philosophy is to disaggregate the audience from the channel or website they are on. We believe in targeted messaging over broadcast messaging. Today that means digital; but as addressability grows into cable and satellite networks, Audience Partners’ data sets will follow.

Cookie & IP Targeting

Deliver your data driven messages using authenticated IP targeting. IP targeting using publicly-available longitude-latitude data is inaccurate at the municipal level, and even at the congressional district level. Our IP data is authenticated at the source, providing an unprecedented level of accuracy. This allows for home (IP-based) and away (cookie-based, mobile device ID) targeting, hitting the same universe with the same message using two different tactics.

Audience Segments

In addition to the National Online Voter File®, we regularly access tens of thousands of third party data points. There are more than ten voter files available for data driven delivery, and we have used most of them. We also develop our own data sets, including the Green Score, which grades the entire voter file on its propensity to support or oppose marijuana decriminalization, plus a number of health care and health insurance models.

Viewability & Fraud Prevention

As a leader in the industry, we have long demanded that our media vendors have safeguards in place to assure our clients' brand safety and protect against fraudulent traffic. Our first line of defense is our targeting method. Since we use first party offline data matched on a one-to-one basis with online IDs, we naturally weed out non-human (bots) traffic. We also only work with media vendors that use the top third-party media verification firms (including: Adtricity, comScore, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, MRC, Mixpo, Telemetry and others) to audit campaigns in real-time and remove invalid placements. Our decision of whether or not to serve an ad is made at the point of impression call, based on the inventory parameters (user initiated for video, placement, video player size, number of ads on the page), and targeting that you specify. We also make extensive use of black lists in order to actively block sites with inappropriate content or fraudulent traffic. The validity of your ad impressions and your brand safety is our ultimate concern.


Leveraging data from location-enabled apps over 1B mobile devices, we target and retarget consumers based on current location, location history, offline purchase data, devices, and content. When a target enters our geofenced area, we identify that mobile device and deliver targeted advertising on that device for up to thirteen months, using geofencing and retargeting.

Reporting & Analytics

CampaignGrid® Direct offers on-demand dashboard access to your campaign performance, allowing you to personally monitor progress and results. Key campaign metrics and performance indicators are constantly updated to provide you the ability to track changing online behavior throughout your campaign.

Our data scientists use our patented process to match voter registration records from our proprietary National Online Voter File® dataset with scores of other proprietary consumer and behavioral data sources, including our pool of authenticated cookie and IP address data. Audience Partners can also layer your own first party data sources (i.e. email or donor lists) into a campaign to achieve maximum results. We then integrate this data with our voter-targeted digital advertising platform, enabling candidates and causes to target voters with laser-like accuracy across any device or platform. While other voter-targeted platforms typically use modeled voter data – which leads to inefficient and inaccurate targeting – our approach allows you to target specific registered voters online, eliminating waste in advertising.