Webinar Description:

The traditional pharma rep sales model continues to change, with prescriber accessibility and in-person contact time declining significantly over the past several years.  Effective pharma marketers must leverage a multi-channel approach to HCPs, reaching them through the channels where they are most likely to engage and respond.  As programmatic capabilities evolve - through increased reach, precision, measurement, and user acceptance - digital channels are taking on a more prominent role in HCP outreach.  Is your company taking full advantage of these tools and trends?

In this 45-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • How to maximize programmatic digital reach across an HCP audience, whether broad-based or custom

  • How additional data assets (e.g. ICD9/10 codes) can be used to improve the targeting precision and campaign response

  • How performance data can be used to optimize daypart, device, frequency, and contextual placement of messaging

  • How campaign performance can be measured, in aggregate and through individual attribution

  • How to ensure that your HCP outreach campaigns are privacy-compliant

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Speaker Baiography:

Matt Henry leads the Healthcare practice at Audience Partners, focusing on digital outreach strategy for health insurance, pharmaceutical, and hospital marketers.  In this role, he has worked directly with leading regional and national health insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, CRO’s, multiple state exchanges, and federal government agencies to effectively communicate with precise audience targets.

Prior to Audience Partners, Matt held business development, strategy, and management positions with US Interactive, Full Tilt Solutions, and Ciber.  Matt has 20+ years of experience working with healthcare clients to build digital marketing strategies and campaigns, and he holds a degree in Marketing from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania.