As a leader in the industry, we have long demanded that our media vendors have safeguards in place to assure our clients' brand safety and protect against fraudulent traffic.

Our first line of defense is our targeting method. Since we use first party offline data matched on a one to one basis with online IDs, we naturally weed out non-human (bots) traffic. We also only work with media vendors that use the top third-party media verification firms (including: Adtricity, comScore, DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, MRC, Mixpo, Telemetry and others) to audit campaigns in real time and remove invalid placements.

Our decision of whether or not to serve an ad is made at the point of impression call, based on the inventory parameters (user initiated for video, placement, video player size, number of ads on the page), and targeting that you specify. We also make extensive use of black lists in order to actively block sites with inappropriate content or fraudulent traffic. The validity of your ad impressions and your brand safety is our ultimate concern.