AP Provides its MVPD Partners with an End-to-End 4-Screen Addressable Solution to Maximize Ad Sales Revenue &
Increase TV Inventory Profitability


6 Components to Our MVPD Solution:

1. Compiler Tech

AP's Compiler Tech is installed behind MVPD partners' firewalls and acts as a real-time DMP that can incorporate physical address, IP address and any number of additional data sets (e.g. STB viewing,  consumer data by ad category, etc.). AP's compiler tech also leverages our patent-pending “Privacy-by-Design” approach to ensure all MVPD data always stays behind the MVPDs firewall.

2. Four-Screen Ad Planning & Activation Platform

AP's "FlightDeck™" Planning & Activation platform makes it simple to plan, sell, activate and measure audience-based, data-fueled four-screen addressable campaigns. AP's platform enables partners to harness the power first and third party and media consumption data (i.e. time on screen for TV and digital) to create optimized four-screen media plans that can't be matched by key competitors. Furthermore, FlightDeck™ provides visibility to unsold inventory and enables ad sellers to drive profitability by tapping un-rated, long-tail TV inventory that effectively reaches a given target audience.


Create data-fueled, audience-based, addressable TV and digital plans based on key attributes (demographics, purchase history, etc.) overlaid with known media consumption data to optimize TV / digital media mix. Get audience counts within seconds to quickly run scenarios to optimize planning approach.


Put AP's powerful, iPad-based tool in the hands of your sales team. Sales personnel can prep for client calls and / or build a plan face-to-face with a client. Once a plan is scoped, a comprehensive four-screen sales presentation can be generated with the press of a button, including a direct comparison to competitive ad sellers.


Activate plans against deterministic household data, enabling targeting via known (not modeled) IP addresses, assuring 100% accuracy both home and away. AP's "FlightDeck™" Planning & Activation platform then pushes IO's to all appropriate platforms for implementation.


Measure the impact of campaigns via AP's Data Analytics Platform and apply both TV and digital audience impression data against off-line sales files to determine campaign ROI.


3. Digital DMA Interconnects Across AP's MVPD Partners

Given AP's extensive MVPD partnerships covering most of the country, AP enables digital interconnects across more than half of DMAs in the US. As the DMA interconnect business represents a significant percent of MVPDs local ad businesses, AP can power an addressable four-screen offering that local broadcasters cannot match. 

4. Rich Data Sets Across Top Ad Sales Categories

AP's "Carrier Custom Audiences" offering provides a rich set of data across the top 8 ad sales categories. To enable four-screen data-fueled campaigns to scale seamlessly across DMAs, AP will create a common data taxonomy. Also, by purchasing data cost-effectively (given the scale of our customers), data can be used for ALL campaigns without encumbering the sales process with additional data fees depending on the desired target audience.


5. Media Execution Platform

AP's Media Execution Platform is purpose-built to leverage IP addressability and can also provide Managed Services that are on par with the best players in the digital ecosystem.


Activation of IP addresses to make it easy to execute across premium publisher sites (i.e. matching process has already taken place, making IP addresses targetable),


Custom built optimization algorithm utilizing full breadth of available data and updated hourly,

Ad Fraud Detection

Primary third party fraud detection with custom built second layer fraud detection and prevention,

Inventory Quality

AP can map to clients' preferred premium publishing sites and / or leverage its own relationships with premium publishers,

Service Quality

Multi-member team managing campaigns with accelerated turn-around times and hands-on campaign management


6. Data Analytics Platform

AP's Data Analytics Platform provides comprehensive reporting and closed loop sales attribution that enables TV and digital ad impressions, in aggregate, to be mapped to offline sales to provide ROI measurement.


Accurate reach and frequency counts that are based on deterministic data...NOT on industry standard cookie-based “over counts”


Exposed/unexposed reports to determine optimal ad frequency to invoke a response or sale


Integrate offline sales data to determine sales attribution by campaign