Richard Schlackman

For over 40 years, Rich Schlackman has led as an Innovator in the field of voter targeting. Back when television was king — and the only known way to reach large numbers of voters simultaneously — Rich introduced the idea that mail could be an effective, persuasive and highly precise tool to communicate with voters.  Harnessing the targeting power that direct mail offers, Rich joined with political veterans to form what became the leading Democratic mail firm in the nation--a firm that elected 16 governors and 16 U.S. Senators and over 50 members of Congress. Rich’s mail was combined with existing campaign media to create breakthrough political communications.

Rich formed RMS Interactive to take the targeting powers of digital advertising to the next level. Using his expertise in creating breakthrough political communications, Rich leads RMS Interactive in communicating with the right voter, using the right message at the right time. Rich’s firm, RMS Associates, provides strategic guidance and support for corporate, union, grassroots, political, legislative, and issue campaigns.

Rich has traveled the world collecting and sampling wine. He is known for his annual wine dinner weekend, which attracts wine experts and political strategists from around the world. He is a proud father to his son, Jake.