Case Study: Millennial Advocacy Group Runs Digital Test Campaign to Determine Most Important Political Issues Amongst Peers


Campaign Goals:

  1. Run a targeted online campaign to test messaging designed to engage Millennials on important political issues.
  2. Generate concepts for further research to ensure efficient and effective scale of the client’s evolving Millennial voter communication platform.

Background and Tactics:

Audience Partners delivered online ads selectively to Millennial voters in California and New York Congressional Districts to analyze the response rate in different geographic areas.

Several key messages were selected by the client for this experiment: After College, humorous Gym video, Crumbling Infrastructure, Lack of Innovation, Tax Loopholes.  While these findings were directional, they provided insights on which line of messaging would benefit from more rigorous experimental design and testing.


This campaign delivered more than 1.5 million ads (33% video and 66% banner ads) to Millennial voters in a single Congressional District in New York and a single Congressional District in California. The ad response rate was 100% higher than the Google Benchmark in the Political vertical.

Weekends had slightly higher response than weekdays likely due to the audience’s ability to “lean back” and engage with the digital medium.  As expected, based on current media consumption trends of millennials, mobile and tablet drove higher response rates than the desktop ad experience.