Case Study: Governor Leverages Mobile Digital Advertising to Engage Millennial and Hispanic Voters to Win Landslide Re-Election


Campaign Goals:

A recently elected Governor was running for re-election during an off-year cycle and had two main goals:

  1. Engage Millennial and Hispanic voters – two of the fastest growing voter segments
  2. Encourage these groups to get out and vote on Election Day

Background and Tactics:

Audience Partners worked with Apple’s advertising platform to create a unique mobile ad experience that engaged these hard-to-reach voter segments in the final days leading up to Election Day.

The mobile banner ad was served across iOS applications when the target voters were on their iPads and iPhones.  When tapped/touched, the banner ad expanded into a full screen interactive ad unit that included a 30-second video from the candidate, an add-to-calendar vote reminder, and an email feature that allowed users to easily share the candidate’s message with friends.

The vote reminder was integrated into the Apple iOS calendar and allowed the user to add “Election Day” to his or her calendar. The invitation included a reminder to vote as well as a link to view polling locations. The “Send to a Friend” button expanded to produce a pre-populated email containing information on the Governor, as well as a link his campaign’s website.


In the five days leading up to Election Day, close to 10 million ads were delivered to the iPads and iPhones of the target voter segments. The candidate’s 30-second video was viewed over 35,000 times, with nearly 200 voters adding a vote reminder to their calendars. Users spent an average of 59 seconds engaged with the ad unit, and used the send to a friend email feature over 400 times.

The Governor was re-elected by 20 points at the polls and achieved double digit improvements in the Hispanic vote.