Case Study: Medicare Advantage Advocacy Organization Leverages Digital Advertising to Achieve Congressional Action


Campaign Goals:

Build political support for Medicare Advantage and get Members of Congress to object to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) proposed 0.9% cut to Medicare Advantage funding.

Background and Tactics:

Audience Partners used a combination of IP targeting, audience targeting, contextual targeting and retargeting to reach Members of Congress, their staff and influentials inside the beltway to advocate for protecting Medicare Advantage funding.


Over 40 million impressions were delivered in the Washington, DC area resulting in a 25x increase in web traffic, 87.56% of which was from display and video advertising.

The multi-channel campaign helped influence 205 Members of Congress to contact CMS and object to the proposed cuts.

The impact of the effort was a 3.25% increase to Medicare Advantage funding.