CampaignGrid® Direct is Audience Partners’ self-serve voter targeted digital advertising solution. Learn More.

More Experience than Anyone Targeting Voters with Unprecedented Accuracy

We have been delivering data-driven, voter targeted, digital advertising since 2009, delivering billions of ad impressions for thousands of candidates and causes in every state and around the world.  No one has more experience audience targeting for politics and public affairs.

Using the National Online Voter File® and our patented voter targeting technology, we target specific voter segments by party affiliation, vote frequency (including the number of primaries and general elections voted), donation history, political geographic segments including congressional district, State Senate district, State House district, local jurisdictions, and tens of thousands of additional data points.


Build Your Ideal Audience with Our Data or Yours

In addition to third party data, we match your data for digital targeting.  Using both cookie and authenticated IP matching sources, our match rates and reach are unparalleled.

Your Campaign: Any Time, Anywhere

Our voter targeting ad platform allows you to deliver ads across all devices, including mobile, tablets, web and addressable television, ensuring that the right message reaches your audience in the right place at the right time. We offer voter targeted pre-roll video, voter targeted display, voter targeted mobile, search, retargeting and social media advertising solutions.

Stand Out and Get Attention

We partner with your existing creative, marketing or communications team to develop compelling ad content and copy to help your campaign drive the message and affect public opinion. We also offer a full suite of creative services for our clients to produce ads that stand out and get results.

On-Demand Analytics and Reporting

We offer on-demand dashboard access to your campaign performance, allowing you to personally monitor progress and results. Key campaign metrics and performance indicators are constantly updated to provide you the ability to track changing online behavior throughout your campaign.

Self Serve or Managed Service

Our media planners have written over 10,000 media plans and are among the most experienced in the industry.  Separately, CampaignGrid® Direct is Audience Partners’ self-service voter targeted digital advertising solution.