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November 2016

…that’s the percent of annual retail sales forecasted to occur during the holiday season and much of it will be captured online

The holiday season, defined by the National Retail Federation as sales in the months of November and December, is the biggest time of year for retailers big and small. Retailers are expecting $105 Billion in online sales1.

Help Your Advertisers Reach Their Best Customers! 

Your customers are sitting on a gold mine of consumer data and information that can be easily transformed into actionable, targetable audiences. Using this information can generate more revenue for you and for them this holiday season. We all know existing customers are the most likely people to purchase additional products and services. That's why we make it easy for your local Ad Sales clients to match customer data for online advertising to get the ball rolling and help the cash register ring! 

If your advertisers are game to target current or past customers online with special holiday offers and promotions, Audience Partners is the best digital partner because of our accuracy and reach. Our secret sauce is that we can leverage your own IP address data to reach your advertisers’ customers at home and when they are away, which is something no other digital shop can offer.  

Let us Help Your Advertisers Drive More Revenue Today
The AP custom list match capability + IP targeting offers the following benefits:

1) Precise IP-based targeting of all your subscribers delivers accuracy and reach that cookies can’t touch. Oh, by the way, dirty little secret… Google and Facebook can only use cookies to target which is less efficient and creates waste.
2) Super-quick turn around. From the time we receive a file for matching until the time we can target consumers online, it is just a matter of days… so we can begin to drive revenue more quickly on behalf of your customers.
3) It’s a great deal - for a limited time only, and through November 30th,  we will do your list match for free! That’s right, FREE (up to a $3,500 value). It’s our holiday gift to you.


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Audience Partners is the leading provider of data-fueled, audience-based addressable advertising solutions that span 4-screens: desktop, mobile, tablet & TV. AP has a history of firsts due to an acute and consistent focus on the intersection of advertising and technology. From precisely targeted digital political campaigns as far back as two Presidential election cycles ago, to technology that enables deterministic digital targeting across 4-screens, AP has consistently grown its business by providing innovative advertising solutions for its customers & partners. Today, AP offers a 4-screen addressable ad planning & activation platform that harnesses disparate data sets to deliver audience-based targeting including leveraging data uniquely held by MVPDs regarding target audiences' media consumption patterns. By leveraging AP’s end-to-end solution & approach, advertisers (and ad sellers) can deliver 4-screen media plans with target reach & frequency numbers that beat the competition.

(1) Source: National Retail Federation, derived from Bureau of Labor Statistics data

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Audience Partners
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September 2016
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Audience Partners has invested nearly a decade in developing an MVPD purpose-built ad targeting and activation platform to maximize your campaign performance, ensure more precise and granular targeting, target the same users across channels, and synchronize your cross-media messaging. Let’s take a closer look at the subscriber addressable difference: 


IP address-based targeting is superior to cookie-based targeting for two main reasons: 

  • It reaches 99%+ of target MVPD households…versus cookies, that reach on average, 42% to 55% of target households 
  • The IP address provides an authoritative link to the household which is important for targeting accuracy. While many digital agencies and ad tech companies suggest or imply that they do IP-based targeting, in reality, they must infer a home-based target without an authoritative link to an IP address. Our subscriber addressable ad targeting platform solves that issue through the use of Audience Partners’ proprietary software and matching technology  

As our partner, you are able to offer the only deterministic method of location-based targeting. Even the major ad networks such as Google, use probabilistic geo-targeting as compared to subscriber, deterministic IP-based targeting. Wouldn’t you rather maximize your reach against your target audience and at the same time, spend your advertising dollars hitting an accurate target versus hoping that you’re close?


Whether it’s a targeted display, video, or mobile campaign, we can coordinate the details of your buy with one order. More importantly, we can seamlessly sync-up your targeting to ensure we are reaching the same audience across all screens. Delivering ads to the same target audience is our specialty and executing your coordinated buy through one platform, leads to increased ad effectiveness and more efficient spend of your digital dollars. What’s more -- you will have the backing and support of a team of dedicated digital experts working on your behalf to make your campaign a success. 


Research shows that brand and message recall increases by as much as 45% when digital and TV campaigns run concurrently. We make it easy to harness the power of cross-media messaging and can ensure that digital ads reach the same households that see the tv campaigns you sell. Gone are the days of having to work with multiple partners who specialize in one channel or another.


AP’s legacy of identifying, on-boarding, and cultivating rich first party data sets for targeting speaks to our strength. Head-to-head tests show that subscriber addressable campaigns reach 2.5x more HH’s than cookies. A team of seasoned data solutions experts await your targeting challenges and can help you quickly match your list for targeting through the AP platform. 


Audience Partners’ platform uses a proprietary, doubleblind privacy® technique that masks the target and strips out consumer-specific information when targeting users online. When targeting using AP’s solution, we reach an aggregated list of anonymized IP addresses associated with a particular target audience. Consumer household billing address is used as the "match key" to create the targeting list, but is then stripped out leaving just an aggregate list of target IP addresses.  No customer online behavioral data and no customer real-time geo-location data is tracked or collected as part of the Audience Partners process. This unique process allows advertisers to target ads online to an aggregate list of households with 100% accuracy. The AP Doubleblind Privacy® Solution ensures individual online privacy through the use of these anonymous and aggregated lists. Neither the advertiser, nor Audience Partners, nor the ad server, gains access to any individually identifiable customer information.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon about our new:
4-Screen Ad Planning and Activation Platform

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