Case Study: Cancer Center Leverages Audience Partners’ Digital Expertise to Generate Qualified Leads Online


Campaign Goals:

Generate qualified online leads to cancer treatment center locations in two demographically different states

Background and Tactics:

Audience Partners was tasked with marketing a unique treatment therapy to insured individuals, be it the patient, spouse, or close family member – over the age of 55 – who were actively seeking treatment options for a specific type of cancer and were within 90 miles of selected facilities.

Audience Partners managed media and creative performance, served millions of impressions and leveraged multiple proprietary HIPAA-compliant datasets and models:

  • Opt-in ailment data – Data targeting users with specific medical conditions 
  • High-propensity at-risk look-alike model – Demographic data on men over age 55 with correlated condition data
  • Prescription (Rx) data – Correlated ailment and cancer drug data
  • High-propensity prescription (Rx) look-alike model – Demographic data on households with correlated prescription data


The campaign provided a 400% return on investment based on the lifetime value for the client.

The cost-per-acquisition was less than half the client’s benchmark goal, making it the client’s most successful lead generation campaign to date.