Case Study: Large Regional Health Care System Leverages Online Advertising to Drive Enrollees in Health Plans and Increase Its Brand Awareness


Campaign Goals:

  1. Enroll qualified individuals in their narrow-network Affordable Care
  2. Act plan
  3. Increase brand awareness of the system’s health plans
  4. Increase the likelihood that existing system patients would become future system health plan holders

Background and Tactics:

Audience Partners used its proprietary uninsured dataset to target those highly-eligible individuals that live within a 20 mile radius of the system’s location.

Audience Partners worked directly with the client to build the creative and A/B test each ad unit. The results led to a highly targeted campaign that affected action amongst the system’s targeted audience.

The system’s landing page was then optimized against the winning A/B testing to deliver additional information on the narrow-network health plan, along with options for enrollment.


Based on the system’s initial tracking of net new patient volume, its executive team predicted a 600% return on advertising spend.

The system’s landing page enrolled more than one net new patient each day of the campaign and saw nearly 100 incremental “shoppers” over that same time frame.