Case Study: Large National Health Insurer Utilizes Digital Advertising to Find Medicare Eligible Consumers Online


Campaign Goals:

Reach and enroll a typically difficult to find online audience segment:
Medicare eligible (Age 65+) consumers that live within the insurer’s coverage area

Background and Tactics:

Demographic targeting such as age, income, and geography were used to target display ads to those Medicare eligible online consumers. In addition to demographic data, Audience Partners built a high-propensity model to find incremental prospects that were “highly likely” to enroll in a Medicare plan online.

Over time, Audience Partners increased device-targeting optimizations to allow for device preference. Audience Partners focused on mobile devices early in the campaign to educate consumers, and then shifted the balance of the budget to desktop advertising to secure enrollments.


The campaign reached 200,000+ unique Medicare eligible users online within the state and achieved an 87% increase in Medicare applications over the previous year.

By leveraging digital advertising, Audience Partners was able to reduce the client’s cost-per-acquisition (CPA) by 22% over the previous year, which was the lowest CPA the client had realized for an online Medicare campaign.

Audience Partners has since worked with the client on numerous additional campaigns and expanded its services into non-Medicare markets.