Case Study: Global Health Insurance Provider Boosts Response Rate in Direct Mail Campaign by Simultaneously Utilizing Digital Advertising


Campaign Goals:

A global health insurance company – in partnership with Audience Partners – wanted to test the hypothesis that adding digital advertising as a companion to a direct mail campaign would reduce its cost-per-lead (CPL) and cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

Background and Tactics:

Audience Partners separated the client’s prospect mail file into a control group and test group. Direct mail was delivered through five sequential touches that spanned the duration of the Annual Enrollment Period.
Digital display ads were synchronized with the creative from each respective mailing and served to the test group to ensure a higher frequency of messaging. The digital campaign was optimized based on response; measured by leads and completed applications. Higher propensity audience segments received a higher frequency of digital ads.


The results of the test group showed a significant lift in response across all measured key performance indicators when compared to the results of the control group.
The actual test results showed an 11% increase in leads, 31% increase in conversions, 17% lower cost-per-sale, and an 18% higher lead-to-sale ratio.