HIPAA-Compliant, Data-Driven Targeted Advertising for the Healthcare Industry

Audience Partners is transforming the way pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, health Insurers, and health exchanges communicate in an increasingly patient-focused digital ecosystem. Since 2009, Audience Partners has helped clients leverage the power of first party, HIPAA-compliant health data to micro-target highly relevant audiences and boost patient engagement.

Audience Partners has created and integrated multiple HIPAA-compliant data sets into its healthcare platform, opt-in by specific ailment and Rx, allowing marketers the ability to micro-target prospective customers based on insurance status, health propensity, geographic, demographic, attitudinal, and behavioral attributes. Healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, et al) can also be targeted by specialty, or based on custom lists (e.g. KOLs, Splitters).

We help our clients target prospects, patients, members, and healthcare professionals across all screens - computer, tablet, mobile device, and addressable television. The Audience Partners platform is also designed to onboard offline CRM data (members, patients, prospects) to create addressable online audiences for the purposes of retention, wellness, and population health outreach.