+ Does Audience Partners collect my location data?

No. As the network operators, Internet Service Providers already know the location data required to deliver online ads based on real world geography. We have partnered with leading ISPs to ensure Audience Partners does not collect or have access to your location data. Learn more about how the ISPs and our technology help protect your privacy here.

+ Is my location disclosed to third parties?

Never. Our doubleblind privacy™ architecture ensures online ads are delivered based on real world geography without the need to disclose your location. Learn more about how our technology helps bring you geographically relevant advertising without disclosing your location here.

+ Are my web browsing habits being tracked by the ISP?

No. Geo-targeting is completely independent of your web browsing habits. The ISPs do not monitor, collect or track any data that relates to your web browsing history in order to provide relevant geo-targeting.

+ Can I opt-out of location-based ads?

Yes. We provide all of our ISP partners with a robust opt-out infrastructure that does not rely on cookies. At any time, you can change your opt-out status by contacting your ISP, through their privacy policy or within your account settings.

+ Will I continue to see ads online if I opt-out?

Yes. If you choose to opt-out you will continue to see advertisements online as you do today, without the benefits of the relevant targeting provided by the ISPs or our doubleblind privacy™ architecture.