Case Study: Charity Run Leverages Digital Advertising to Drive Registrations and Donations


Campaign Goals:

A charity whose proceeds go to supporting prostate cancer research and awareness was holding its annual 5K run.

Being a newcomer to digital advertising, the client looked to Audience Partners’ expertise in order todevelop the campaign’s goals and strategy.  Two main goals were outlined:

  1. Generate increased registrations and awareness for the 5K run
  2. Generate incremental donations to the charity

Background and Tactics:

Audience Partners targeted three specific audience segments:

  • Local runners
  • Individuals with an interest in the treatment and research of prostate cancer
  • The client’s offline database that Audience Partners cookie matched to an addressable online audience

Audience Partners utilized a combination of Facebook ads, search engine advertising, digital display advertising, and digital display retargeting ads. Each ad was specific and relevant to its targeted audience segment and varied in call-to-action.


Over a five week period, the campaign had a conversion rate of 28% as measured by registrations and donations.

35% of display conversions and 82% of Facebook conversions came from targeting the client’s cookie matched audience.

Impressions delivered a click through rate of more than 200% above Google’s industry benchmark.