Case Study: National Mortgage Insurer Uses Digital Marketing to Raise Brand Awareness Across its Clients and Consumers


Campaign Goals:

A national mortgage insurance provider wanted to increase awareness and generate high quality leads for its services and products. Specifically, there were two goals:

  1. Target prioritized Business to Business (B2B) prospects (mortgage brokers, realtors, and financial consultants) – The same prospect list that their in-house Account Executives were contacting over the telephone
  2. Increase awareness of mortgage insurance products and options to consumers (new home buyers and mortgage re-financers)

Background and Tactics:

The specified B2B prospects’ street addresses were mapped to specific
IP-addresses and then used to target individuals within those buildings with online display ads featuring the mortgage insurance provider’s products and services.  Ads were only served to individuals within the specified buildings ensuring that only prioritized prospects saw the ads.

To target consumers, Audience Partners used behavioral data to determine high-propensity prospects based on the immediacy of their intent to purchase or refinance a home. Multiple creative messages, calls-to-action and contextual placements were tested to determine the variables that encouraged optimal response from consumers.


The targeted B2B ads delivered a 600% lift in response vs. prior digital campaign benchmarks. Inbound lead request volume increased nearly 300%.

The control set – who saw no targeted digital ads – was evaluated against the test based on total revenue, percentage account growth, and net new client activity.

The test set outperformed the control set by more than 200% across each of these key metrics.