Philadelphia Digital Advertising Firm Drove 1.7 Million Affordable Care Act Site Visits to Purchase Health Insurance in All 50 States

Fort Washington, PA, May 7, 2014 – Audience Partners, a leader in data-driven audience targeted digital advertising, announced today that its online advertising campaigns successfully delivered over 351 million ad impressions in Affordable Care Act advertising campaigns for the federal government, state exchanges, advocacy groups and private insurers nationwide. The result of which was over 1.7 million site visits, account registrations, and sign ups during the open enrollment period from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.

Using its data-driven audience-targeted digital advertising platform, Audience Partners reached out to the 40+ million uninsured Americans who were eligible to enroll in programs offered by private insurers, state and federal exchanges. “Over the last year we invested heavily in the data, models and the unique compliance requirements of the healthcare industry, and our clients have benefited from our compelling solution” said Matt Henry, VP of Healthcare for Audience Partners.

Audience Partners’ success arises from the aggregation of multiple data sets and algorithms into a single platform to reach different uninsured populations wherever they are across video, display, mobile, social and search. “We let the results determine the best solution or combination of solutions,” said Henry.  The Audience Partners’ advertising platform tracks the performance of each ad impression and compares response rates based on multiple variables including audience segment, device, creative, day of week, time of day, site context, and data source. “What works for recruiting the young and healthy population may or may not be the same as what works for an older population. Different algorithms and different data sets are required so we haven’t locked ourselves into using just one.”

The Affordable Care Act is transforming the market for healthcare insurance as the marketing emphasis shifts from employer sponsored group plans to the individual consumer market. Industry analysts predict hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent communicating these changes to the American public and data-driven audience targeted digital advertising is by far the most efficient and effective way to educate, inform and enroll the uninsured population.

About Audience Partners

Audience Partners is a four screen, cross device advertising platform that uses data science, programmatic ad buying and unique first party databases to target individuals on computers, mobile phones, tablets, and advanced TV’s. Focused on politics/advocacy, higher education and healthcare, Audience Partners’ success has been its ability to accurately reach high value audiences on their digital devices at scale by connecting offline databases with online devices. The company’s philosophy has been to use “first party, mailing address data” as the linchpin of its online targeting.  Advertisers, agencies and media companies have purchased 6 billion ad impressions for 2,100 clients via 10,000 campaigns since 2008.  Audience Partners’ clients consist of Presidents, Senators, Governors, powerful advocacy groups, US Government agencies and a growing number of the nations largest hospitals, health insurers and universities. Founded in 2008, the firm has offices in Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. For more information visit or contact us at