Audience Partners Launches Voter-Targeted Mobile-Optimized Advertising Solution for Political Campaigns and Advocacy

Partnership with Yieldmo will utilize innovative mobile-first ad formats designed to significantly increase user engagement and interaction for an increasingly mobile-centric voter audience

FORT WASHINGTON, PA (August 13, 2015) – As political advertising budgets continue their shift to digital and mobile continues to occupy a majority of time spent with digital devices, Audience Partners today announced it signed an agreement with Yieldmo to sell high impact political and advocacy ads across Yieldmo’s premium private marketplace of leading Sports, News and Political sites, which according to the June 2015 release of comScore Mobile Metrix reaches three out of four US smartphone users.

“More than 50% of campaign site traffic is now from mobile devices as more and more voters are using their phones to get their political news,” said Jeff Dittus, CEO and Co-Founder of Audience Partners. “Audience Partners’ four screen solution can target voters at home and away on their computers and mobile devices. Yieldmo’s interactive ad formats are designed specifically for mobile users and will be an important tool for the 2016 election to engage and activate the electorate. As more people cut the cord or time shift television, campaigns can now reach voters on their phones on the top news channels that they are also watching on television.“

“We continuously iterate and improve our growing suite of mobile ad formats in order to raise engagement and optimize performance,” said David Goligorsky, Head of Yieldmo’s Ad Format Lab. “We are excited to team up with Audience Partners to help realize these benefits among their political and public affairs clients.”

Under the agreement, Audience Partners, who recently received its second voter targeted digital advertising patent, has rights to up to 100% of the high impact inventory providing its advertisers the ability to secure an incredible share of voice as we approach the 2016 election cycle.

“We have always had the ability to without parallel, target registered voters online and help our clients get the right message in front of the right voter,” says Jordan Lieberman who heads up Audience Partners’ political division: CampaignGrid. “Now with access to these high impact ad units, our clients will realize voter interactions across mobile devices that they have only dreamed of.”

About Audience Partners

Audience Partners is an Enterprise Advertising Management company that operates an addressable advertising platform leveraging data science, programmatic ad buying and unique first party data assets to target individuals across screens on PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and addressable TVs. Focused on healthcare, politics, advocacy and telecommunications, Audience Partners’ success is due to its ability to accurately reach high value audiences on their digital devices at scale by connecting offline databases with online devices. The company’s philosophy has been to use “first party, mailing address data” as the linchpin of its online targeting. Advertisers, agencies and media companies have purchased 6 billion ad impressions for 2,100 clients via 10,000 campaigns since 2008. Audience Partners’ clients consist of presidential candidates, Senators, Members of Congress, Governors, powerful advocacy groups, U.S. Government agencies, cable television providers, wireless companies, and a growing number of the nation’s largest hospitals, health insurers and pharmaceutical companies. Seven of the top ten ISPs in the U.S. use Audience Partners’ Privacy by Design IP targeting solution. Founded in 2008, the firm has offices in Washington DC, New York City, Pennsylvania and Toronto Canada.

About Yieldmo®
Expect more from mobile advertising.™

Yieldmo is a mobile advertising platform that optimizes revenue for publishers, ROI for marketers, and the ad-viewing experience for users. Yieldmo’s Private Mobile Marketplace enables marketers to purchase high quality non-banner ad inventory in Yieldmo’s patent-pending, consumer-friendly ad formats on the mobile pages and apps of premium publishers. Marketers can purchase ads directly from Yieldmo, with the assistance of their agencies or DSPs, or through participating publisher sales teams. Brands and agencies may target contextually, using 1st party data, demographically, or by specific sites on either a cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand-impressions basis. The ad placements typically appear on 100% of the publisher’s mobile inventory and thus allow for an incomparable level of testing and optimization using machine learning and predictive analysis. The company is often cited as the top-performing mobile ad partner of advertisers and publishers alike.

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