Audience Partners Granted Second U.S. Patent for Voter-Targeted Digital Advertising Across 4 Screens

New Patent Incorporates a Broader Use of Political Demographic and Voter Data within Programmatic Ad Systems Across All Electronic Devices Including Computers, Mobile Phones, Tablets and Addressable Televisions

FORT WASHINGTON, PA (July 30, 2015) – As digital advertising for the upcoming 2016 election continues to build momentum, Audience Partners today announced it was granted a second voter-targeted digital advertising patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)—Patent No. 9,092,805.

The new patent further protects Audience Partners’ invention that provides political media buyers and advocacy organizations with the most targeted, relevant audiences for programmatic digital advertising campaigns across millions of websites, mobile apps and electronic devices including addressable televisions. The new patent is the second issued in the company’s growing patent portfolio.

Audience Partners’ patented invention allows political advertisers the ability target digital advertising utilizing voter data across any electronic device. Voter data includes voter registration records, propensity data and political demographic data such as party affiliation, voting history and political geography. The Audience Partners platform provides its customers access to billions of proprietary cookies and nearly 100 million anonymous mobile phone and tablet IDs for unprecedented targeting at scale across multiple screens.

“The new patent is another significant step in recognizing Audience Partners as an innovator in the field of political and advocacy advertising,” said Jeff Dittus, the company’s Chairman and co-founder.   “As audiences become more fragmented across the four digital screens, our data-driven approach is helping to determine on which device, at what time of the day, and on what kind of content is the best place to reach voters.  As we enter our 5th election cycle having run over 10,000 campaigns, the media landscape has changed dramatically and our data warehouse on the electorate’s digital behaviors has grown exponentially.  Our society now uses mobile devices and computers more than we watch television.  Buying 1000 points of TV is no longer a media strategy.  Our invention of cross screen political advertising will play an important role in the 2016 election.“

Campaigns want to reach the same voters on every screen and be able to track results.  Audience Partners’ technology and analytics provide the ability to match a voter file to all addressable devices with owned and operated inventory of web publishers, mobile app developers, and over-the-top connected and addressable television systems.  Our solution also tracks the performance of media campaigns against the voter file and political demographic data.

By targeting only those voters and potential voters who are relevant to a candidate or public affairs campaign, and linking political demographic data programmatically to the growing number of digital screens that are replacing old media, Audience Partners can offer political and public affairs media buyers the tools necessary to further minimize waste and maximize the impact of their ad dollars.

“Today’s limited inventory and targeting capacity of television and radio advertising, and the rising inefficiency of direct mail, has resulted in a shift in political media budgets towards digital advertising in order to reach desired audiences, said Jordan Lieberman, president of the CampaignGrid division of Audience Partners. We expect to see this trend continue throughout the 2016 political season and beyond.”


About Audience Partners 

Audience Partners is an Enterprise Advertising Management company that operates an addressable advertising platform leveraging data science, programmatic ad buying and unique first party data assets to target individuals across screens on PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and addressable TVs. Focused on healthcare, politics, advocacy and telecommunications, Audience Partners’ success is due to its ability to accurately reach high value audiences on their digital devices at scale by connecting offline databases with online devices. The company’s philosophy has been to use “first party, mailing address data” as the linchpin of its online targeting.  Advertisers, agencies and media companies have purchased 6 billion ad impressions for 2,100 clients via 10,000 campaigns since 2008.  Audience Partners’ clients consist of presidential candidates, Senators, Members of Congress, Governors, powerful advocacy groups, U.S. Government agencies, cable television providers, wireless companies, and a growing number of the nation’s largest hospitals, health insurers and pharmaceutical companies. Seven of the top ten ISPs in the U.S. use Audience Partners’ Privacy by Design IP targeting solution. Founded in 2008, the firm has offices in Washington DC, New York City, Pennsylvania and Toronto Canada.

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