Audience Partners Offers Clients & Partners Custom Audiences that Provide a Rich Set of Data Across a Number of Top Ad Sales Categories

AP's FlightDeck platform enables partners to harness the power first and third party and media consumption data to create and execute optimized four-screen media plans.

AP leverages its double-blind matching process when offline data is onboarded to create always-on, privacy compliant targetable universes.

AP also provides rich data sets for targeting, which include pre-defined, large scale, audiences against the top ad sales categories, leveraging best-in-class offline data.

Current audiences include consumers in the market for home improvement, financial services, retail products, new vehicles, travel services, cell phone and carrier services. The platform also includes many targetable trigger-based life stage audiences that allow advertisers to reach new homeowners, new drivers, the newly married and the newly retired. Targeting registered voters is easy and seamless as well with the nations electorate of 160mm voters already activated and targetable on demand.

Customers can also match their own or their advertisers’ data to target consumers across four-screens.