To be the kind of company where we would want our children, friends, and family to work.

Audience Partners is the leading provider of data-fueled, audience-based addressable advertising solutions that span 4-screens: desktop, mobile, tablet & TV.

AP has a history of firsts due to an acute and consistent focus on the intersection of advertising and technology. From precisely targeted digital political campaigns as far back as two Presidential election cycles ago, to technology that enables deterministic digital targeting across 4-screens, AP has consistently grown its business by providing innovative advertising solutions for its customers & partners.

Today, AP offers a 4-screen addressable ad planning & activation platform that harnesses disparate data sets to deliver audience-based targeting including leveraging data uniquely held by MVPDs regarding target audiences' media consumption patterns. By leveraging AP’s end-to-end solution & approach, advertisers (and ad sellers) can deliver 4-screen media plans with target reach & frequency numbers that beat the competition.