Audience Partners' "FlightDeck" Planning & Activation Platform Makes it Simple to Plan, Sell, Activate & Measure Audience-Based, Data-Fueled Four-Screen Campaigns

AP's platform enables partners to harness the power 1st & 3rd party and media consumption data (i.e. time on screen for TV & digital) to optimize target reach & frequency across 4-screens.


Create data-fueled, audience-based, addressable TV and digital plans based on key attributes (demographics, purchase history, etc.) overlaid with known media consumption data to optimize TV / digital media mix. Get audience counts within seconds to quickly run scenarios to optimize planning approach


Put AP's powerful, tablet-based tool in the hands of your sales team. Sales personnel can prep for client calls and / or build a plan face-to-face with a client. Once a plan is scoped, a comprehensive four-screen sales presentation can be generated with the press of a button, including a direct comparison to competitive ad sellers


Activate plans against deterministic household data, enabling targeting via known (not modeled) IP addresses, assuring 100% accuracy both home and away. The AP Media Execution Platform then pushes IO's to all appropriate platforms for implementation


Measure the impact of campaigns via AP's Data Analytics Platform and apply both TV and digital audience impression data against off-line sales files to determine campaign ROI.